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Pom poms

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right cheerleader poms. These include the size, width, colors, handle types, colors combinations, materials, and whether each pom match is required. Stumps Spirit offers many tips to help you make the right pom choice.

Pom Handles

Poms come with five options for handles: elastic loop, cheer handle, baton-style, and no handle. Two loops are attached to the standard handle. With an elastic loop attached to the standard handle, the elastic loop handle offers greater flexibility. The baton handle is the most straightforward to use. Cheerleaders hold it in a closed fist. This allows for a straight wrist and does not break the line of the arm.

Pom Material

There are many options for poms, including metallic, glitter, and wet looks. Your school’s and your squad’s style should reflect the material you choose. You should coordinate it with your uniforms. It should be easy to match your uniforms or other team materials. A vinyl or wet-look pom may be better than a metallic one if your uniform has a metallic look.

Pom Colors

There are many colors available for poms, including black, gray and white, light purple, dark purple, purple, navy, Columbia, royal, forest, Kelly, green, Kelly, cardinal, scarlet, Denver orange, Tennessee, bright gold, old, and brown. When choosing pom colors, consider the color of your uniforms. Your poms should look great with both your home and away uniforms. You should choose colors that are in contrast with your cheer outfits, but not clash. Your poms will be more visible from the stands if they stand out. Your uniforms can match your poms.

Poms can be ordered in one, two, or three colors. Order poms in multiple colors to ensure they are compatible. If you are looking for two colors, try mixing a bright and muted color. You can also use your school colors or two bright colors that complement each other. Three color combinations are best avoided. The poms won’t look as great from far away if there are three bright colors. Use two bright colors with a subtle accent like silver, white, or black.

Color Arrangements

After you have chosen your colors, you can decide how you want to arrange them. There are several color arrangements available: solid, half-and-half (for baton handles only), 2-color mixture, 3-color mix, and a target arrangement. It is significant to choose the right arrangement and color choices. A half-and-half pom might look better than a two-color mix if you have two bright colors. The colors will contrast better than melting apart from a distance. Mixing the colors or creating a target can make both bright and subtle colors pop.

Matching Poms

Are you familiar with the choreography of your routine? Do you know what your routine will look like? Choreography will determine whether your cheerleaders should have matching poms or one pom of a different color in each hand. Consider your choice of color. You might find that having one pom in each of your hands is too busy or unpolished if you’ve chosen a multicolored pom-pon.

However, having two different colored poms can make for some interesting choreography that will be cool from the stands. You could have your cheerleaders create visual patterns, spell different words or create images using different colored poms. You don’t have to use a different pom for every choreography. Keep it simple and match your colors.

Did You Know?

The pom-pons were invented in France. Their name comes from the French word Ponpon, which means ornamental spheres made of fabric or other materials. Technically, pompom, pompom, and pompon can all be used, but pompon is the preferred spelling for cheerleading squads and companies or poms.

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